DIY Projects for Hobbyists: 5 Cool Things To 3D Print

DIY Projects for Hobbyists: 5 Cool Things To 3D Print

2023 Feb 9th

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to use your 3D printer? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled some cool things hobbyists can 3D print at home for their next DIY project!

Miniatures & Figurines

If you’re a hobbyist who loves crafting miniatures, sculptures, and figurines, a 3D printer is an ideal addition to your workshop. 3D printers have completely changed the miniature and figurine industry, making it possible for anyone to produce incredibly detailed and well-made figurines at home.

Whether it’s action figures, dollhouses, or bobbleheads, there’s no limit to cool things hobbyists can 3D print for a DIY project!

Planters & Pots

If you consider yourself a green thumb and love caring for house plants all around your home, a 3D printer can help! Many people have printed customized planters for indoor and outdoor plants that are more like works of art than simple clay pots.

Instead of limiting your choice to what’s available at the store or online, you can print a customized planter that fits your plant and the rest of your home!

Cooking Tools & Appliances

A 3D printer can improve your kitchen with new tools and organization if you love cooking at home. Whether you need to replace a broken spatula or create a new tray for the silverware, a 3D printer can enhance your kitchen in numerous ways.

Some of the things cooks have 3D printed at home include the following:

  • Measuring cups
  • Juicer
  • Sushi maker
  • Knife block
  • Pasta press

Your 3D printer can make whatever your kitchen needs!


Are you a photographer constantly carrying around a cumbersome tripod? Are you an amateur who loves to take pictures but wishes they had a simple tripod to enhance your photos? You could benefit from a 3D-printed tripod if you fit into either category!

A 3D-printed tripod is a perfect addition for professional and amateur photographers. It’s easy to make and comes in all shapes and sizes for the photographer’s needs.


If you’re a tech hobbyist, you’re undoubtedly familiar with drone technology. Did you know you can 3D print a working drone at home? It’s an excellent DIY project for tech lovers and is an excellent opportunity for kids and adults interested in the industry to learn more about drones and how they work.

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