Durable 3D Printer Filaments

Whether it’s just a prototype, custom one-off or a small production run, there is a material solution for your application.

For a visually striking object that also needs to be tough enough to be functional our BioDuro Metallic PLA fits the bill. Made using the same biomaterial as our regular BioDuro PLA, the BioDuro Metallic PLA series incorporates metallic colours and iridescent effects that provide a stunning surface finish. The iridescent effect in particular hides layer lines giving objects a smooth finish and a metallic shine with no post-processing required.

For load bearing parts our SnapPrint PA has a great balance of printability, flexibility, and strength. It even has FDA food contact approval making it suitable for anything from fixtures to functional parts for your home and kitchen. If an even stiffer and stronger material is required, our Industrial series PA6 materials perform close to an automotive grade PA6 making it one of the strongest material printable on most desktop printers.

Cottage industries and small businesses can produce consumer products for the home and office using durable 3D printer filaments from Fortis3D™. Toys, kitchen utensils, vases, flowerpots, and even custom-sized screws, bolts, or hinges can all be manufactured using 3D printing techniques.

For the consumer market, however, objects must not only be useful: they must be strong and made to last. Our durable 3D printing filaments fit the bill. If you’re making items for use outdoors, our UV-resistant filaments can ensure your products don’t break down when exposed to sunlight.

With experience serving plastic manufacturers, the team at Fortis3D® understands the demands of the consumer market. That’s why we provide descriptions, specifications, and documentation that help you understand our products before you buy them.

Consumers are also increasingly concerned with sustainability and highly conscious of the potential effect of plastics on the environment. More than half of our products are biodegradable and industrially compostable, and manufacturers who use these materials to create their products can provide information on environmental friendliness with their products.

When you’re designing and testing a new product, you need materials that can produce functional prototypes for you to refine and reiterate your design until you are satisfied it performs as you desire. Fortis3D®’s durable 3D filaments help you ensure your product will work the way you want it to in concert with other components or standing on its own. When you’re ready for production, you’ll be confident your products will work as expected and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Contact Fortis3D® with any questions you have about which of our products are best for your 3D printing process and will give you the results you want.