Whether it’s just a prototype, custom one-off or a small production run, there is a material solution for your application.

For a visually striking object that also needs to be tough enough to be functional our BioDuro Metallic PLA fits the bill. Made using the same biomaterial as our regular BioDuro PLA, the BioDuro Metallic PLA series incorporates metallic colours and iridescent effects that provide a stunning surface finish. The iridescent effect in particular hides layer lines giving objects a smooth finish and a metallic shine with no post-processing required. For load bearing parts our SnapPrint PA has a great balance of printability, flexibility and strength.  It even has FDA food contact approval making it suitable for anything from fixtures to functional parts for your home and kitchen. If an even stiffer and stronger material is required, our Industrial series PA6 materials performs close to an automotive grade PA6 making it one of the strongest material printable on most desktop printer.