Hobbyists & Makers

Our line of essential and advanced filaments were designed with hobbyists and makers in mind. The printability of our materials helps ensure you get a successful first print whether it’s your first or hundredth project. With UV resistance and food contact approvals, our essential filaments are perfect for things around the house and garden. 

Lignum PLA can be used to print beautiful flower pots and containers that feel and smell like wood and our line of BioDuro PLAs are strong and tough enough for home and kitchen applications. Need a material with increased flexibility and soft touch that’s easy to print? Pilates PLA is designed to have great flexibility yet prints almost as easily as PLA easy on Bowden style printers. For parts that need heat resistance and high toughness our advanced filaments provides the best balance of strength and ease of printing. Our Ignis PLA prints like regular PLA but with increased heat resistance it can be used where high temperatures are present like your car dashboard or even a greenhouse. Both SnapPrint PP and SnapPrint PA have the properties you’d expect from a PP (polypropylene) and PA (polyamide/Nylon) material but are formulated to be easily printable on most desktop printers making it more accessible to hobbyists and makers.

No matter what kind of material or properties you need for your next DIY project, we have something to suit your needs.