For All Levels of Expertise

As 3D printing is being adopted in more industries and markets, Fortis3D has a growing number of material solutions for whatever your application may be. Our high-quality filament products were designed for everyone from hobbyists and makers to automotive and appliance companies.


Regardless of how our customers use 3D printing, everyone needs high-quality filaments that will produce parts that conform to the necessary specifications and work when put in place. From functional prototypes to serially produced parts, our 3D printing materials are the solution for food-safe 3D-printed items, UV-resistant parts, and even parts that must endure high temperatures and harsh chemicals.


 Plastic parts have become standard in the automotive and appliance manufacturing industries, and a growing selection of colors in 3D printing filaments has lured more makers and hobbyists into the 3D printing community. At Fortis3D, we serve all these markets with high-quality filaments for 3D printing as well as accessories that help stabilize printed objects and reduce warping during the printing process.  

High-Quality Filaments