3D Printing Filaments

Find the 3D printing filaments you need to create functional prototypes, costumer pieces for LARPing, or food-safe containers or utensils. We offer a range of additive manufacturing materials perfect for use by everyone from hobbyists to industrial manufacturers.

Our PLA products are easy to use and versatile, while our industrial line of products has the toughness and heat resistance to and endurance for wear that makes it perfect to print parts for high-temperature environments and heavy use. Our advanced products have the strength, toughness, and heat resistance you need for functional parts without sacrificing printability and low warpage.

Shop our entire collection to find the 3D printing filaments that are best for your project. Use Magigoo adhesive to secure your design to the build surface and minimize warping. Contact us with any questions you may have about which type of 3D printer plastic will work best for you and your printer.