Ignis Series

Ignis series filaments are temperature resistant materials that are still easy to print with great mechanical strength. They are also toughened, UV resistant and food contact approved* making them very versatile materials.

Because it’s toughened, the Ignis series heat-resistant 3D printing material requires no annealing. Ignis series material is made of UV-resistant filaments suitable for outdoor applications.  

With Ignis heat-resistant PLA, you can create intricately designed trivets to endure hot dishes you wouldn’t want to put directly on your table or buffet. Make perforated radiator or vent covers that won’t melt or deform as they allow heat to pass through. Because it’s PLA filament, Ignis is easy to print, and its toughness makes it a great choice for functional parts for use in a variety of applications. You’ll find a myriad of uses for this versatile heat-resistant filament as you create useful items with innovative designs. Try our Ignis series for your next 3D printing project! 

*Please consult TDS for details