Lignum Series

Lignum series are wood PLA filaments that can print parts that look, feel and smell like wood. The final parts can be further enhanced with sanding and staining to make some truly unique creations.

Maximize your creativity with the Lignum series of wood 3D printing filaments. Quickly create wood-like objects you couldn’t carve or cut anywhere near as quickly in shapes that aren’t achievable with traditional woodworking techniques. Incorporating 25 percent recycled pine fibers, the Lignum series retains the easy printing of PLA as well as its industrially compostable properties.  

Print frames, costume pieces, wood-look jewelry, faux mini-trees, and even furniture pieces with wood PLA that’s strong yet flexible. Surprise friends and family with your creative designs. Add to the allure of your home’s decor with 3D-printed wood-like pieces that you can sand and stain to your desired finish. Prints (and melts) at relatively low temperatures, so it’s important not to expose your creations to high temperatures, but other than that, there’s no limit on your creativity with our Lignum series wood 3D printing filaments.