Pilates Series

Pilate series soft filaments are flexible and soft touch materials for applications where flexibility or high impact resistance is desired. From phone cases to handgrips, the Pilates series of materials can add more functionality to your parts.

Appropriately named to reflect both the core strength and flexibility typical of practitioners of the exercise discipline, our Pilates series is ideal for printing objects that need the softness and give of rubber combined with the easy printability of PLA. 

You can create flexible parts to work with other rigid parts in prototypes that require both kinds of components. Make useful tools like jar openers, coasters, table mats, and more. This flexible filament is UV-resistant, so you can use it to create items that must be used outdoors and in sunlight. 

Quickly print replacement parts for knobs and buttons that need to be soft to the touch and flexible. Try our lignum series PLA filaments today!